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First solo wild camp!

Its something I’ve been itching to try for a while but couldn’t escape quick enough to get out there alone… its addictive this camping business! So for the first time ever, I took my gear and walked out to find a site. A new site in a new place for a new experience. I was so excited! The evening was lovely – albeit mostly gone from a busy day – a gentle breeze and blue sky. Those perfect conditions for being outdoors camping because the evening sun still gives warmth and the wind keeps away the midges.

I got this great spot just up from the shore about 30 minutes walk. Its a bit of a break in the bog, owned by the granite rocks and they’ve given it a sandy effect from bits of rock the wind and rain has blasted off, which has created a good selection of flat land. I took one and set up.

Here’s the kitchen, a few steps from the bedroom:

The usual meal was on the menu but I so much enjoyed cooking it up, as well as the pitching process of the tent which I have grown to love completely. Its a perfect one for summer, as the back rolls off to let the breeze in, or if you sleep with it off you can star gaze. Coolness. I had zero distractions from living the way I wanted for that night. Absolute bliss.

The rest of the evening I just wandered around the tent and took a short walk to the shore to marvel at the rock formations. Before I knew it, it was after bed time!

The morning was a continuation of bliss, although unfortunately I was awakened by a very loud boat passing very slowly an hour before I would have rathered. I lay there for a good while with my window open, smiling to myself at the bliss of wilderness as the heather gently wobbled in the breeze and the sun shone in.

No way was I prepared for the heat that came at midday. I had no tshirt, shorts, sun hat or glasses. My water was running low too, but I knew where to find more. I spent a couple of hours at the shore – reading to begin with, then my feet in a pool of water, shared with a shrimp who was very curious about my feet. I could have easily stayed another night camping but after lunchtime I packed my bags. My husband came out with the tractor on his own adventure which meant I didn’t have to carry my pack all the way home.


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