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Long-distance hiking cooking setup

Usually when I pack for a one-nighter, I don’t scab on the kitchen gear because I love to take my time cooking up a storm as the sun sets over the sea. But when I plan for a hike further afield along a forest trail or up a mountain I like to go a bit more lightweight and at those times I only need a set up that boils water for rehydrating my freeze dried dinner, pouring a fresh brew or fluffing cous cous.

I always go with a spirit stove – I still hate the roar of gas and the waste of an empty cannister (not to mention the price!). The Trangia burner is very reliable and to that I have a sturdy support off Amazon which holds it in place and works as a pot stand, too. For a windshield, which is essential even with the slightest of breeze, a strip of titanium 0.05mm thin from Amazon hugs the three corners of the support to keep itself in place. I normally err in the side of caution regarding the amount of fuel I carry, and between a 100ml Nalgene bottle and the Trangia burner I can bring nearly 200ml which is by far enough for two warm days on the trott.

Freeze dried meals require between 280 and 350ml of water so I use a 600ml/20oz GSI Halutite bottle cup with a lid which I borrowed from other pot since GSI doesn’t supply a lid. I love this smart looking cup because it has indented measurement markings on the inside so it’s possible to fill to exactly the right level which in turn saves on fuel, and because the handles are so long on it there is no chance of burning myself. The set up isn’t the lightest by far, or the absolute minimal I can find or create but I trust its sturdiness and reliability. This is why I am yet to weight it! Most of the space and weight could be saved by swapping the Trangia to a titanium burner (eg, Toaks’ Siphon stove), and slimming up the pot support (eg, Evernew’s trivet stand)

Other optional bits and pieces I add are an extra lighter, a wick, spoon and bag to hold it all together.


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