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Packing list for Laugavegur Trail v.1

In the middle of August I am travelling to Iceland to hike the popular Laugavegur Trail, a four day hike in the southern part of the country. It’s something I’ve hoped to do for a few years but finally it seems possible. August in Iceland starts to get chilly compared to where I live; here its often the warmest month of the year. Iceland is already saying goodbye to summer, with temperatures below 10 degrees during day time. I’ve just about chosen all my gear to bring, so here it is!

Sleeping and Shelter

I’m not yet completely sold on the sleep system here, as it currently stands I’ll be taking three items to ensure I stay warm enough just to sleep in (4, 5, 8). The weight and bulk of the lot is on par with my Rab Ascent 900 so it might just happen that I swap them all out with that. It’ll also save time on packing up.

1 – Mountain Warehouse hiking poles and pole extender to support my tent. They will also come in handy for river crossings.

2 – Luxe Hexpeak v4a fly-only tipi tent. It’s renowned to be storm proof.

3 – Tyvek mat to protect my sleeping mat from punctures. I’ve already decided to swap this for a polythene groundsheet as it is totally waterproof, and to stay dry means to stay warm.

4 – Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Plus. It’ll add the few degrees I need to keep me toasty in 2 degree minimum temperatures.

5 – SOL bivvy bag to cover my quilt and protect it, plus it has a insulating lining so again, I’ll be toasty.

6 – Peg bag. I’ve a full load of pegs which will secure all points of the tent, including guylines, plus two spare. Incase.

7 – Thermarest NeoAir All Season air mat and inflating sack. It’s warm, lightweight and my go to.

8 – 0 Degree Celsius quilt inside a stuff-sack-come-pillow from Thermarest.

9 – My ‘bedside table’ bag containing ear plugs, deodorant, headtorch, pen and paper

10 – Pyjamas. Neck gaitor which stops drafts and merino trousers and top.

Cooking setup

The plan is to only need to cook water for my various meals and snacks. Not pictured is the half-litre bottle of fuel I will take, it needs to be bought in Iceland.

1 – GSI 600ml pot with a lid I took from another pot. This pot has really long handles and is ideal for spirit stoves where the flame can lick up the side heating the handles to scorching point.

2 – Boundless Voyage long handled titanium spoon

3 – Goshawk stainless steel alcohol stove stand

4 – Windshield and aluminum heat saver baseplate.

5 – Trangia Svea style alcohol stove

6 – Firelighting equipment: windproof lighter, wick, fire steel.


The only thing not photographed is a battery charging pack. I will probably remove the insect hat since I’ve heard since there is not an issue with insects. This also includes everything from my ‘bedside table’ bag. I’ve since added a PLB to the mix.

1 – Facecloth which will be used for washing and sweating.

2 – Deodorant

3 – Insect hat. I’ve already decided not to include this, it seems insects are not a problem.

4 – First aid kit which includes emergency repairs for tents and clothing, along with tablets, blister patches, band aids.

5 – Map

6 – Vitamins!

7 – Hair tie and chapstick SPF15+

8 – Ear plugs and spare batteries

9 – Headtorch

10 – Clothes line, emergency whistle and tiger balm

11 – Passport and credit card (I’m yet to add cash but 100 Euro should do the trick which will cover campground fees in the event that every hut has a credit card system failure!)

12 – Bedside table bag

13 – Toothbrush and toothpaste

14 – Compass

Additional Clothing

I’ll add a pair of Crocs to the mix for the river crossings and they will also do for shoes around camp since they take no time to dry. I am still in two minds about packing an extra baselayer – one with a hood – to add a bit more warmth. The alternative is to walk in the Patagonia jacket. I’ll also take a merino buff and beanie if I choose to leave the additional baselayer at home.

1 – Macpac Halo down jacket for chilly evenings

2 – Columbia waterproof trousers

3 – Patagonia Nano puff jacket. It’s ideal for trekking in plus adds another layer of warmth in the evenings

4 – Mountain Equipment Rupal waterproof jacket. A tough Goretex jacket which, ontop of two insulating jackets, will keep me black as burnt toast in the chilly evenings.

5 – One spare pair of underwear

6 – Sealskinz Merino fingerless gloves. I’m also planning on adding a thick pair of gloves aswell.

7 – Mountain Equipment waterproof mitts. These are untested so its a little gamble on their actual waterproofness.

8 – Small towel and bathers. There’s geothermal springs in Landmannalauger inwhich I plan a dip before I begin… kind of like a christening.

9 – One pair of toe socks and one pair of oversocks. It might happen that I live in my waterproof socks but incase of dry weather, these are a little more comfy.

10 – Screamer beanie for anytime I get a cold head.


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